Perfecting Your Serve by Samson Dubina

Samson Dubina

Improving your serve is the fastest way to progress your game. In this article, I will be outlining nine ways that I personally use to perfect my serve: #1 Use the serves that best setup your game, #2 Train them in a tournament environment, #3 Miss some serves, #4 Use your best serves early, #5 Vary the quality of spin, #6 Remember to attack, #7 Be willing to sacrifice a couple points, #8 Train them to perfection, #9 Play practice matches…

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Game Strategies, by Samson Dubina

Samson DubinaSamson Dubina, shares his insights into which strategies are appropriate for the nine most common player categories: Blockers, Loopers, Choppers, Unconventional players (Long Pips/Anti), Allround players, Short Pips Attackers, Seemiller Grip players, and One-sided players. He describes what your opponent is thinking or strategizing, gives a game plan, and gives you six key points to remember for playing against each style.

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