Review of Nittaku 3-Star Premium 40+ Poly Balls

Nittaku Premium 40+ BallA comprehensive review from Larry Hodges about the Nittaku Premium 40+ poly balls, available in October. What is it like? How sturdy and durable is it? How does it compare in size and hardness? What are the results of a bounce test? How does it perform when serving, blocking, looping, counter-driving, hitting, and chopping? How will it affect players of various playing styles?

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Coaching Tip: Backhand Sidespin Push

Guo Yue

When pushing on the backhand, most players are at one of three levels:
• Level One: Get it back.
• Level Two: Do something with it. This usually means one of three things: Quick off the bounce and angled; heavy; or short. This is effective at all levels. But there’s another level. . . .
• Level Three: Do even more!

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Coaching Tip: Five-Ball Attack


Most players know what a third-ball attack is: you serve, the opponent returns, and you attack aggressively, usually with a loop, a smash, a hard-hit drive, or perhaps a quick off-the-bounce drive. It’s that simple. But this means you are relying on your opponent to return your serve in a way that you can attack effectively. While you want to develop your third-ball attack, you also want to develop your five-ball attack as your fallback plan.

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Coaching Tip: Winning with Ball Control


If you cannot match up with your opponent with speed or spin, then you need other weapons. One of the best ways to beat faster and more powerful players (“bashers”) is with ball control. Just as an all-out attacker uses his serve and receive to set up his attack, a ball control player uses serve and receive to take control of the rally. For him, it’s all about ball control, placement, and shot selection. If he’s able to use his ball control to make the basher uncomfortable, he’s won the battle. So how do you do this?

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