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European Champions 2017- Finals Videos

kaalbergNational Championships have been decided over the last few weeks in many of the European countries where table tennis flourishes. Here are few videos of the players winning their country’s most coveted table tennis crown –

TIBHAR Deals – This Week Only

samsonov1 Paddle Palace is offering an introductory special on New Tibhar Clothing and Cases – and also on Tibhar Evolution Rubber.
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Timo Boll Wins Hamm Olympic Test

-w300_olympia_vorbereitungs_turnier_hamm_2016_siegerehrung_foto_fl_400bTimo Boll won the Olympic test tournament in Hamm (16 July 2016). In the final, the current European champion left World No. 9 Vladimir Samsonov no chance. In the semifinals, Boll had claimed a seven set victory in the internal German duel against Dimitrij Ovtcharov.

ITTF’s Ask a Pro Anything? Vladimir Samsonov

Samsonov ITTF photoAdam Bobrow interview Samsonov in this installment of ITTF’s ASK A PRO ANYTHING.  Samonov is a Tibhar-sponsored professional table tennis player. He is currently ranked No. 9 in the world.

Doru Gheorghe Joins Texas Wesleyan Lady Rams

rp_primary_Gheorghe_Doru16webTexas Wesleyan University Athletic Director Steve Trachier has announced the hiring of Doru Gheorghe, long-time coach of the United States Women’s National Team as head women’s table tennis coach.


1514948_10153258598109124_7945331333008635257_n eLeanring: Your Career Starts Now. The NEW Tibhar Website offers basic stroke techniques for your review. Fast forward, pause, rewind… All the tools you need to improve your game.

Tibhar Player, Philipp Floritz jumps ship from Germany to Bulgaria

Philipp-FloritzTibhar Player, Philipp Floritz has announced that he is moving from Germany to Bulgaria.  Highly acclaimed as a junior for Germany and a part of two World Championship teams as well

Vladimir Samsonov: “On The Rise”

1514948_10153258598109124_7945331333008635257_n As an encore to his win at the Qatar Open, Vladimir made a deep run at the 2015 German Open in Bremen — Missing the Semifinals in a closely contested loss to World No.4 and reigning world champion Zhang Jike. Watch highlights of that great match with Jike here —

At A Glance: Texas Wesleyan Table Tennis Rams


Check back here as we follow Texas Wesleyan University in their run for a twelfth consecutive National Collegiate Table Tennis title.

Table Tennis Balls: Going Plastic for Future Events

Samsonov ITTF photo Commencing on Tuesday 1st July 2014, all International Table Tennis Federation sanctioned and World Title events will be played using plastic composite balls instead of the traditional celluloid ball. There are no changes to the regulations already in place; plastic balls have been in accordance with regulations since the 1950′s. Table tennis events may still be played using celluloid balls. On the change, the ITTF President Adham Sharara stated: “Any change in sport usually divides the participants into three groups. The “optimists” who believe the change is for the best; the “pessimists” who believe the change is a disaster; and finally the “indifferent” who just go with the flow.”

Seth Pech Tells Why He Plays with Tibhar’s Q1 XD Rubber

Seth-Pech_mugAbout a month ago I picked up two sheets of Q1 XD from Tibhar to try them out. I had played with the Q1 original sheets before and the sponge was too soft for me. When I played with XD, which has a harder sponge, I was really impressed with the consistency of the trajectory that the ball enters and exits the rubber. I was also impressed with the amount of spin the rubber generates, even though it doesn’t look or feel grippy.

The Physical Aspects of Your Table Tennis Game: Endurance; Speed; And Strength

To me being in great physical shape is a very important component to a successful table tennis game. There are many aspects to the physical game but today I am only going to cover the ones I believe are the most important for table tennis: Endurance; Speed; and Strength. My name is Seth Pech and I’m currently living in Rissen, Germany. I play at a club in Moorage and will soon play the 3rd spot in our club’s Hamburg 5th league team.


TIBHAR3 NEW Rubber sheets and 2 NEW Blades from TIBHAR.

The 3 AURUS rubber sheets are the latest weapons for your table tennis arsenal. Also, TIBHAR introduces the Super Grip System [SGS] to add super control and ball feeling to your game in these 2 updated favorite blades.