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2017 US National Championships

With early Registration just a month away, the 2017 Nationals is just around the corner. Nittaku has once again been named the official ball. Paddle Palace will show our support and will be present as a vendor with all of your favorite equipment choices onsite. Join us, and a thousand of the best table tennis players in the country, in Las Vegas this July.

Two More Days for Our Black Friday

New Blades & Free Case Offer! Two Days Left to take advantage of Paddle Palace’s Black Friday Deals.

Nittaku Ball Review: Nittaku J-Top Training Ball

nittaku-ballsSamson Dubina reviews the Nittaku J-Top Training Ball. See the video here.

Nittaku Practice Balls: The Best Balls in the Sport are Made in Japan

bnajkThe new Made in Japan poly 40+ practice balls are now available! Save over 15% with our Introductory Special! (Offer Ends August 10!) These are the high-quality, affordably priced, Made in Japan Nittaku practice balls that players have been waiting for! Made of the same outstanding material as the Nittaku Premium 40+ balls, you can now enjoy good practice balls that play like the real deal!

USATT National Championships

Nationals-SM-version-A(1)The National Table Tennis Championships is underway in Las Vegas (July 3 – 8). Over 700 players in almost a hundred events will compete this week in one of the featured table tennis events of the year. This is an Olympic Year and all six US Olympic athletes will be competing…

Paddle Palace Facebook Contest — 2016 U.S. National Table Tennis Championships

JOIN THIS EVENT for a chance win a FREE ENTRY (up to 9 events) to play at the 2016 US National Championships, taking place in Las Vegas July 4-9. And TEN MORE WINNERS will each win one dozen free Nittaku 3-Star Premium 40+ Balls! This is how to enter: 1) Join this event by clicking “Going”, 2) “Like” the Paddle Palace Facebook Page

Roger Liu – Ohio Player Sponsored by Nittaku

10250153_10154094799607941_3325918820264218028_nFifteen year old Roger Liu is now a Nittaku sponsored player. Liu, who has been improving steadily in recent years has become a fixture in tournaments across the Midwest. He now joins Samson Dubina as the only two Nittaku-sponsored players in Ohio.

NITTAKU Premium 40+ Named Official Ball for 2017 World Championships

nittaku-justballThe Nittaku 3-Star Premium 40+ is chosen as the official ball for the next World Championships taking place in Dusseldorf, Germany May 29 through June 5, 2017. Nittaku is the “Official Ball Sponsor and Supplier” for the event in Dusseldorf.

Nittaku 3-Star Premium 40+: Best Ball By Any Measure

nittaku-justballPoly balls were first approved by ITTF in 2014. Since that time there has been huge worldwide demand for the Nittaku 3-Star Premium 40+ ball, the only ITTF approved non-celluloid poly ball made in Japan. There are 218 member countries of the ITTF, among the highest international membership of any sport, so supplying this popular new ball is a tall order to fill. Throughout the process, Nittaku has never compromised on the quality of the ball that has made them famous. When you use the Nittaku Premium 40+ Ball, you know you are playing with the best.

USATT Extends Partnership with Nittaku and Paddle Palace

nittaku-justballUSA Table Tennis (USATT), Nittaku, and Paddle Palace jointly announced the extension of their long-time partnership as the Official Ball of USATT through 2019.

In Stock: Nittaku 3-Star Premium 40+

nittaku-justballNittaku 3-Star Premium 40+ balls are a new non-celluloid plastic ball. It is made in Japan. It is ITTF approved and legal for all ITTF sanctioned tournaments.

Photos from the US Open

US Open 2015

chips Watch the 2015 US Open Here – Live Feed of Featured Table, Links to Updates

Live Streaming of the Japan Open

GAC2014WTLogo-Super Live Streaming of the 2015 ITTF World Tour Japan Open (Live coverage begins about 11p Eastern Time each day)

2015 US Open – Las Vegas

7223435e-47de-4330-bb5c-2d6b6ca29820 2015 US OPEN – Las Vegas, Nevada

German Open 2015


LIVE FEED – GERMAN OPEN: The world’s best converge on Bremen, Germany for the GAC Group 2015 ITTF World Tour, German Open (Super),18 Mar 2015 – 22 Mar 2015.

Service Strategy and the Element of Surprise

Samson DubinaSamson Dubina shares some tips for effective serving, followed by a video demo of backhand loop.
Most offensive players try to serve short and receive short. If you are an offensive player, I would recommend that you use this strategy… most of the time. If you serve long and push long, then your opponent will have plenty of swinging room and likely loop first, forcing you into a defensive position. A short, low serve is much more difficult to attack because the table is in the pathway of the loop. However, after you have used this strategy for several points, your smart opponent will probably catch on and begin pushing back short…

Serving Precision, by Samson Dubina

samson_serving_croppedWhen serving, many players focus on height, deception, speed, spin, and placement. These elements are very important. However, the main reason that you need when practicing serving is to develop precision. If you have control over your serve, it is easy to control the rally when you are serving. Here are a few consequences of having poor precision, followed by how to master the skill of precision and control on your serve.

What to Do When Your Opponent Has Illegal Table Tennis Serves, by Samson Dubina

When playing tournaments, you will often be up against illegal serves. With the right actions and attitude, you can easily diffuse the problem and play a fair match. Here are the steps of action that I would recommend…#1) Observe the problem. Preferably in a match prior to your match, try to watch your opponent for possible illegal serves. #2) Try to decide if he is getting some advantage. Tossing the ball 5” instead of 6” doesn’t really give an advantage. However, if he is spinning the ball with his fingers, hiding the contact, or throwing the ball into his racket, then he is probably getting an unfair advantage…

Spin, Spin, Spin! Boosting Your Table Tennis Level with Spin

Samson DubinaProducing more spin in table tennis is important for several reasons, as Samson Dubina explains. And he also explains how to produce more spin, on your serves, on your forehand loop, on your backhand loop. As Samson says, “Spin, spin, spin is the key to improving your game.”