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Stellan Bengtsson Camp – Salem Oregon

stellan_bengtsson_12 Train with a World Champion! A Five Day Camp with 1971 Champion Stellan Bengtsson.
Learn from the same coach that has helped Waldner and Persson.

Stellan Bengtsson Table Tennis Equipment Review Videos

Stellan BengtssonIn this series of videos, Stellan Bengtsson, world-class coach and former World Champion, reviews his JUIC Stellan Bengtsson blades, JUIC Lafita blade, JUIC Nano Spin II rubbers, and JUIC 999 Rubbers

Stellan’s Secrets – What are your thoughts on Jimmy Butler?

Stellan Bengtsson Stellan Bengtsson has known Jimmy Butler since he went to Falkenberg, Sweden for coaching decades ago. Stellan talks about Jimmy as a player, both in his early years and now in his comeback as a member of the USA Team.

Stellan’s Secrets – How did the Falkenberg Drill come about?

Stellan Bengtsson, CoachStellan Bengtsson made the Falkenberg Drill famous when his training propelled him to become the world’s youngest World Champion at the age of 16. In this video, Stellan talks about how the Falkenberg Drill came about.

Stellan’s Secrets – Are there any World and US players that you are following?

Stellan BengtssonIn this video, Stellan Bengtsson talks about players he is following in the world and from USA. Find out which players Stellan finds interesting and why, and learn how he keeps informed.

Stellan’s Secrets – What can a player expect at a Bengtsson training camp?

Bengtsson Training CampIn this video, Stellan talks about what he offers in one of his training and coaching camps. Paddle Palace recommends Stellan and his wife Angie as top-notch coaches who give individualized instruction and excellent, insightful coaching to their students.

Stellan’s Secrets – Why is table tennis a great sport for senior players?

Stellan BengtssonTable tennis is great for senior players. In this video, former World Champ Stellan Bengtsson talks about why table tennis is such a great sport as we age.

Stellan’s Secrets – How do successful table tennis players achieve their success?

Stellan BengtssonStellan Bengtsson certainly knew how to achieve his goal when he won the 1971 World Table Tennis Championships as a teenager. He certainly knew the secret to success when he coached world-class champions to their highest level. In this video, Stellan talks about how and why these players succeed.

Stellan’s Secrets – What are the different playing styles and trends of table tennis?

Stellan BengtssonStellan Bengtsson knows a lot about table tennis, both from the perspective as a player who won the World Championships in 1971, and as a world-class coach who has coached some of the top players in the world. On this video, Stellan talks about playing styles and trends of the game.

Stellan’s Secrets: What are the different table tennis rubber types and styles?

Stellan Bengtsson Stellan Bengtsson talks about the different types of table tennis rubbers.

Stellan’s Secrets: Why I like JUIC table tennis blades

stellan_bladejuicIn this video, Stellan Bengtsson, former World Table Tennis Champion and world-class coach, answers the question, “Why do you like JUIC blades?”

Stellan’s Secrets: Choosing a good table tennis blade

Stellan Bengtsson blade In this video, Stellan Bengtsson, former 1971 World Champion and world-class coach, shares his thoughts on choosing a good table tennis blade.

Stellan’s Secrets: Why Choose Paddle Palace for all your Equipment Needs?

Stellan Bengtsson In this short video, Stellan Bengtsson recommends Paddle Palace as the company to fulfill all your equipment needs. Thank you, Stellan!

Bengtsson Training Camp in Salem, Oregon: Aug 20-24, 2014

705045_10201260899704434_969867684_oThe Willamette Table Tennis Club in Salem, Oregon is pleased to announce our next Stellan and Angie Bengtsson training camp for Wednesday, August 20, 2014 through Sunday, August 24, 2014. This is a special training opportunity with one of the great coaches of the world in a small group setting. Stellan is the 1971 World Singles Champion whose coaching credentials include Waldner, Persson, Karlsson, Lindh, Maze, and other greats. Stellan speaks excellent English, has incredible knowledge, and is truly a gifted teacher.

Congratulations to Paddle Palace Players that Qualifying for 2014 US National & World Team

Lily Zhang

Paddle Palace is extremely proud of our sponsored players that did exceptionally well at the 2014 US National Team Trials. Congratulations to Timothy Wang, Lily Zhang, Yahao Zhang, and Jimmy Butler for qualifying for the World Championships and National Team.

Stellan Documentary


A UCSD Dac production profiling the life of 1971 World Singles Champion Stellan Bengtsson. Both Stellan and his wife Angie currently lead the US National Para program from San Diego. Angie is a multi-time national champion and member of the USA Table Tennis Hall of Fame.

March 2014 Stellan Training Camp

705045_10201260899704434_969867684_oStellan and Angie Bengtsson have scheduled their next camp at the Willamette Table Tennis Club in Salem, Oregon on March 22-26.

For more information about prices and openings please visit the camps at

Two World Champs Warming-up & Drilling

2 Sweden Table Tennis World Champions: 1991 Jorgen Persson vs 1971 Stellan Bengtsson – Practice in San Diego USA (July 9, 2010) Stellan exclusively uses JUIC equipment. Jorgen is sponsored by DONIC.

ICC at 2013 US National Championships – Day 3

  Day 3 Update – Congratulations to Aashay Patel, Kanak Jha, Kunal Chodri and Krishnateja Avvari for making 2014 US National Junior boys team today at National team trials in Las Vegas. What is common in 2014 USA Junior National boys team? They all started their Table Tennis career at ICC in 2005/2006. The first coach […]