U2800 Teams

This event had five teams battling it out for $160.00 for the first-place team and $80.00 for second. The team Happy Returns (Suraj Sindia and Mohammed Gudmal) taking home first place and team Double Jon (John Emoto-Tisdale and Jonathon Mann) taking second. Suraj was definitely happy going 5-0 with his excellent hard bat pips play. Both of the “Jons” had significant upset wins for their prize, the first time either had won money in a USATT sanctioned tournament. All of the other teams played hard and had a great time: 3rd place was Dual Club Disaster (Jeff Schultz-PPC and Matthew Barnes-Salem TTC), 4th Place was Rusty Duo(Thomas Mann and Jian Guo), and 5th place– Bend TTC (Paul Sample and Harold Bunyi).

U4200 2-Person Teams

Ho Hum (Ryan Hoarfrost and Hung Ho) took home the first-place prize of $250.00 for this event. Second-place went to Team Sverige (Michael Groom and Dean Schultz), $125.00. Third-place went to Team Extreme (Jiwei Xia and Leezan Da) and even the fourth-place team, Wasted Potential (Sarit Roy and Landry Molimbi) did not win a tie, Landry posted the biggest upset win of the tournament, beating Dean Schultz 3-1. Landry also nearly upset Michael Groom, losing 11-7 in the fifth game!

Giant Round Robin

This event featured 10 players in one group. Each player played 9 matches with Jiwei Xia winning easily, going 9-0 to take the $250.00 first place prize. Second place went to Jay Crystal who went 8-1, losing a respectable 8,4,9 to Jiwei and winning the $125.00 second place prize. U2800 Teams second place finishers, John Emoto-Tisdale and Jonathon Mann finished 3rd and 4th and, again, won some more prize money, $50.00 each. The rest of the finishers were as follows: Marcos Sulisto – 5th, Gerek Strickland – 6th, Peter Fleischmann – 7th, Harish Sankaranarayana – 8th, Paul Sample – 9th, and Harry Chavetz -10th.