Timothy Wang Reigns As Three Time 2012 US National Champion



 Timothy Wang Is Perfect at the 2012 US National Championships!

Winning the Men’s Singles, Doubles, and Mixed Doubles


Timothy Wang’s game seems to rise above those around him as if by magic. Ask him how he manages to make the most of the big situations and he’ll tell you about his determination and a fighting spirit that never quits. A key member of the STIGA ICC Elite Team, Timothy credits his coaches Massimo Constantini for keeping him focused and Zhou Xin for keeping his game sharp.

At this year’s US Nationals, Timothy’s game and spirit were not to be denied, winning the Men’s Singles, Doubles, and Mixed Doubles. No one is sure how many times this demonstration of dominance has occurred at past US National Championships, but everyone agrees that Timothy’s never say die attitude is a playing trait to admired.  

Check back soon to hear an exclusive audio interview with Timothy on his year, the US Nationals, his game and training.

Here is how Timothy, the number 2 singles seed, and partners made it to the champions’ circle!


1st round Timothy defeated Chance Friend 3,8,6,-9,7

2nd round Timothy defeated Razvan Cretu 4,5,-11,10,4

3rd round Timothy defeated Dan Seemiller -9,8,8,-6,9,7

Finals Timothy defeated Jeff Lin Huang 7,3,-6,6,4 


Men’s Doubles with partner Han Xiao

1st round Wang/Xiao defeated Chase & Bockoven Connr 4,3,10

2nd round Wang/Xiao defeated Zeng/Lin 7,10,6

3rd round Wang/Xiao defeated Shao/David -9,8,8,15

Finals Wang /Xiao defeated Hugh/Manousoff 9,-7,3,10 


Mixed Doubles with partner Ariel Hsing

1st round Wang/Hsing defeated Liu/David 9,7,5

2nd round Wang/Hsing defeated Dattel/Yip 5,9,6

3rd round Wang/Hsing defeated Xiao, Zhang 11,-3,11,-8,6

Finals Wang/Hsing defeated Hugh/Hugh 12,-9,4,8



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  1. SAM HARNETT: The upcoming Olympic games will be a challenge for Zhang and her teammates. Not one is ranked in the top 100 players worldwide. Sheth is already looking to the future. He says Zhang and her teammate Ariel Hsing are in the top ten for girls under 17. RAJUL SHETH: They’re too young right now. It’s great achievement that they qualified for the Olympics at age of 16. But probably up to 4 years they are going to strike hard to win a medal in Olympics. SAM HARNETT: Sheth says the club will be watching every move of their young Olympians on July 28, when the table tennis competition gets under way in London. For KQED News, I’m Sam Harnett.

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