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Stellan Bengtsson

Stellan Bengtsson has brought his World Championship experience and coaching program to many players since he settled in San Diego in September, 2006.

Since then, he has travelled up and down the west coast coaching at numerous club clinics and camps filled with table tennis players eager to learn the techniques and strategy that helped make Stellan the youngest World Champion in table tennis history.

Now you can benefit from Stellan’s wisdom by submitting questions to him through Paddle Palace’s News page. Simply fill out the comment section below and then click on the “post” button. Every two weeks Stellan will answer the best selected questions submitted. Subjects can include equipment, training and strategy.

We will post his answers on our News page so everyone will be able to read them and learn from Stellan. So ask your question and check back to read his responses.


  1. Paddle Palace

    Hi Tom,
    Thanks for your question!
    Stellan will reveiw all the responses submitted this weekend. We should be posting his answers by the end of next week. We are awfully busy getting ready for the US Open.
    Best regards,
    Paddle Palace

  2. REGARDING previous comment: The left handed tomahawk serve is usually long and contacted mostly on the side of the ball. The serve is used mostly to the BH but does go to the 4H also. Also, no right handed player has been able to attack it with their 4H with any consistency.

    • Paddle Palace

      Hello Tom,

      Thank you for your question
      When you are attacking a long serve try to hit the ball at the apex, there
      is no reason to be too early. It gives you more time to judge the spin.

      Do not put too much pace on your attack. Use the speed of the ball.

      Look for what I call the big spin. If the ball has backspin you should lift it. If the ball has
      sidespin cover it and go forward. If the ball has topspin cover it even more and
      go forward. The back and the top are often combined with sidespin. The side only
      wants to go sideways so play against the spin.

      In the long run it will be like meeting an old friend.

      Good Luck

      Stellan Bengtsson

      • Thanks, Stellan

        I will try your advice of which most I had already tried before. If you slow loop vs the BS/SS then he just smashes the weak return. He has a very strong 4H. Sometimes, 1 of 4 serves, the ball does not come up off the bounce but stays down almost skidding so it is real nasty. Sometimes, 1/5, the ball has very light top or pure SS but it is hard tell between that and BS because of slow pace, My theory to return it aggressively is to loop with a straight up stroke on the left inside/back of the ball but that is hard to do on the 4H with ball breaking into your body. Several players have tried without much success. I haven’t been able do that on the BH either. The successful aggressive loops have all been done with the BH but only about 1-2 of 10.

  3. when u buy rubber from paddle palace does one pack mean both sides of the paddle are being covered or do u have to buy two packets

    • The rubber sheets come one to a package. So the prices in the Rubber Department are for one rubber sheet. One rubber covers one side of a blade. So to cover both sides of a blade you would need two rubbers.

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