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Built for a Two Winged Attack

Vinay Desai

Vinay Desai

Hello, my name is Vinay Desai. I am 13 years old and I have been playing table tennis for the last 3 years.
I am currently using the Waldner Senso Ultra Carbon blade. The rubber that I am using is Donic Coppa X1. In my opinion, this is a deadly combination.
One of the reasons why I like Coppa X1 is because it is a soft rubber  that increases the dwell time thus producing vicious spin.  I am a two winged attack looper. 
I like using the Waldner Senso Ultra Carbon blade because of the feel. The blade is light weight, fast and rated offensive. It increases my speed of the looping because of the light weight.  This rubber and blade combination also gives me great control in playing table tennis. The quality of Donic products is superb.
I would recommend this blade/rubber combination to any two winged attack style looper who wants to create spin, power and not give up control during play.

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